Wild Berry Farm is now offering farm fresh milk and yogurt, direct from cows we hand milk on the farm. We have 2 Jersey cows that give us more milk that we can use as a family, so we are packaging up what is left as raw milk, yogurt and yogurt cremes. Order Form

Prices do not include $2 bottle deposit

Raw Milk

  • Gallon – $5
  • 1/2 gallon- $3

Yogurt Products

All of our flavored yogurts and yogurt cremes are sweetened with pure maple syrup from local farms. No artificial ingredients or fillers are added.

Yogurt – 32 oz

We offer extra thick Greek style yogurt or a traditional whipped thickness. Either options is smooth and creamy, with a consistency that is unique to other yogurts.

  • Plain – $5
  • Maple Vanilla – $7

Yogurt Cremes – 12 oz – $4

Cream is separated from the milk and used to make Yogurt Cremes for an extra smooth and rich treat. Flavors include:

  • Lemon
  • Maple
  • Orange Vanilla (think orange¬†Creamsicle)
  • Coffee
  • Cocoa

Other ideas?

We’d be happy to consider other flavor ideas and custom make yogurt to your liking. We can also package in any jar size you like.