We are happy to announce that we will have U-Pick for 2020 in spite of the challenges caused by COVID restrictions. the UNH Coop has provided guidelines for U-Pick operations so that everyone can enjoy a safe and healthy season. We were especially concerned because we don’t have a traditional setup, but we think we have found a way to make it work.

We estimate U-pick will start July 12 – Please stay tuned for a definite date. In the meantime, here are the guidelines we have come up with so you can enjoy safe picking:

  1. To minimize crowds, we will be scheduling U-Pick by appointment at 1 hour intervals. You can choose the date and time with the Square scheduling tool.
  2. Choose Select a Service and choose a “pay one price” option to minimize handling by staff.
  3. When you arrive, you will be assigned a section with lots of berries, but also allowed to move among the bushes. We will mark a path through the fields with a specific entrance and exit.
  4. All payment will be made with a secure credit card system to further minimize contact.

VERY IMPORTANT: We ask that you wear a mask and please no eating berries while you pick (I know, that’s half the fun, but it’s also a great way to spread germs.