2018 Blueberry Season to Begin Soon

July 4, 2018
Our blueberries are starting to turn and we have an abundance of them this year. Seems like all the work...
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When you have too much rain

June 8, 2017
We've had a lot of rain lately. So much so that most of our pastures have large pockets of water that are inhibiting the growth of grass for our animals.
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Our Blueberries Are Blooming

June 7, 2017
Looks like we will have a bumper crop this year as most of our bushes are full of blossoms and beginning to produce berries.
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Sheep and Winter

April 25, 2017
When we first got sheep, we thought they would be an inexpensive and organic alternative to weed control, as well as provide the cuteness factor for our U-Pick blueberry operation.  One year later the only thing we are sure they provided is the cuteness factor.
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