In addition to farming, one of the things we love is to host exchange students from other countries in our home. Oddly enough, when we retired, we missed the activity having kids in the house (OK, well I did anyway). So with the help of our good friend Susan Dyment, we have successfully hosted four students in the past two years and are looking forward to hosting another two this coming year.

The students have shared that one of the hardest aspects of staying with us is the timing of the blueberries. They spend all year hearing about our blueberries, and often help with the Spring and Fall clean up. But the school year ends about one week before the berries are available for picking.

This year, however, we are lucky to have one of our exchange students return for a visit and to help during our blueberry season.  Sacha, from France, spent 2017-2018 year with us as a Sophomore at Winnisquam High School.  He was a delight to have as part of the family and promised when he left he would be back. He will be spending a few weeks with us, picking, pruning and reconnecting with the many friends he made while he was at school here. It’s good to have him back and look forward to having the other exchange students visit in the future.