I love this time of the year. The sap is running and the sugar houses in New Hampshire are boiling. The subtle smell of wood burning and sap boiling. I have such good memories of helping my uncle and cousins with sugaring as a child; gathering the buckets and watching the sap boil.

Pure Maple Syrup is another New Hampshire favorite. We are so lucky to have one of the top maple producers in the family. Ancestral Acres is owned and operated by my cousin Charlie and my uncle Bob. Located in New Hampton, New Hampshire they have been making pure maple products for everyone to enjoy for over 60 years. Each year, sap is gathered from their Maple orchard and boiled down to the perfect consistency at the sugarhouse using traditional methods. By following these traditions, they can assure that you will enjoy the taste you would expect from quality Maple products.

We always use NH Gold Maple Syrup in our recipes and packaged products. Each of their Maple products are produced with experience and knowledge passed down through the generations. This ensures a pure finished product that is minimally processed and organic by nature!

We carry some of their products at Wild Berry Farm, but to purchase their full line of products, visit their website at nhgold.com.