The snow is melting, the ground is thawing and we’re gearing up for our next blueberry season. Spring is a great time to clean-up inside and out; for us, most of the clean-up happens outside as we prepare the blueberry bushes. But it also provides a place for me to do some internal clean-up.

Spring, a time when everything that seems dead over the winter miraculously comes back to life. The blueberry bushes start to bud, green grass pokes through the withered, light brown remnants from last year. Nature does a good job bringing things back to life, but that also includes weeds and invasive plants. These need to be removed in addition to the branches that didn’t survive the winter.

Pruning is Therapeutic

I love pruning, it’s somehow therapeutic.  I’m outdoors with my own thoughts, no technology, just the sound of the birds and wind rustling. It give me time to refocus, think of new projects and changes within my own life on the farm and personally. Since all of the work I do is manual, it’s also a nice physical workout (although I don’t think so the first few days).

Wild blueberries are darker and smaller and packed with flavor.

I’ve learned a lot about myself while I’m pruning. For example, I tend to hold on to things, for fear there won’t be enough. When we first bought the farm, the blueberry bushes were overgrown but I was afraid to prune too much because I didn’t want to lose any berries.  But this resulted in smaller than normal berries, still tasty, but hard to pick. With practice, and experience, I have learned to trust that nature will provide. The more I prune, the healthier the plant, and the better the berries.

As in life, the more I let go, the more receive. Annual pruning has helped me to learn this lesson beyond the blueberry fields. I find it easier to let go of things that don’t serve me well and this opens me up to other opportunities. So in addition to providing you with the best tasting blueberries, I am learning life lessons that can only be taught through a connection to nature.

U-Pick Is Right Around the Corner

Looking for a way to connect with nature this summer? Our U-Pick blueberry garden is open in July and August. We are excited to meet you and welcome you to our farm. You’re going to love making lifelong memories with your family.