The weather in New Hampshire has been beautiful. The sun shines every day, with warm breezes during the day and cool air at night. Perfect Summer weather, unless you are a farmer.

Unfortunately, when the sun shines every day, it doesn’t leave much time for rain. And we have had none. NONE! Our property is on a high water, so in the past, lack of rain has not affected us. But this year we are bone dry. Blueberries are a relatively¬† easy crop but they do require water.

Because of the way our blueberry bushes are setup, we don’t have an irrigation system and we’ve never needed one. So this year we did the best that we could, setup an intricate if not cumbersome watering system, and managed to get some water to the bushes.

Each year we learn more about farming, mostly how unpredictable it can be. Each year I have more and more appreciation for the “real” farmers who have to make their living on the crops they produce. It’s not an easy job, but I am grateful for every one that works so hard so that we all have enough to eat.