Our Wild Blueberry Maple Fusion was a big success this year. However, I found that many people didn’t know what it was just by looking at the label. At farmer’s markets and on the farm, if people tasted the product, they immediately wanted more. But the “Fusion: was confusing and didn’t really describe the delightfully delicious product that was in the jar.

So we stepped back, got more feedback from farm visitors, friends and family, and decided to call the product what it is, a Topping. It’s still the same product and used the same way – on top of ice cream, yogurt, pancakes, waffles, etc. Just a slight name change. We also increased the size of the jar from 8 oz to 9 oz so there will be more in a single jar for you to share with at meals.


We thank you for purchasing this product and appreciate everyone who helped to make it better.