The weather is getting warmer and we’re out in the blueberry fields getting ready for our upcoming season. Each year we try to improve on something, and this year we are working to make it easier for us to maintain the field. Believe it or not, one of the most time consuming job for us is mowing.

If you have come for u-pick, you know that our field is not the traditional row setup. So mowing can be a challenge just trying to maneuver around the bushes. But throw in a few rocks, and it seems almost impossible. Last year Pete bought a new tool for the tractor that helps loosen and dig up rocks. I’m pretty amazed at how well it works. At last count he had removed 11 rocks from the main field. This will make it so much easier and give me more time to do other things on the farm.

With farming it’s always something. But luckily, with some creative thinking, there is usually a solution.