Popsi and OllieWe love our sheep and love spreading the joy we have with them to small family farms. This year one of our older wethers Popsi, found his forever home and soulmate in Oliver, who was 5 years old.

Popsi as a baby lamb.Oliver and his parents came to Wild Berry Farm looking to start their family farm. They were primarily interested in small Baby Doll lambs. But Oliver found another friend with one of our other larger sheep named Popsi.  The connection was immediate and it appeared the feeling was mutual. Each time the family came to visit, Popsi would follow Oliver around the paddock area. They were inseparable.

Apparently, Popsi wasn’t easily forgotten as Oliver couldn’t stop talking about him. When Oliver’s mom Heather called to see if he was for sale, I was more than happy to send him to a home where he would be loved.

 Popsi and the lambs-Salt and Pepper. Popsi loves to run around the yard with Oliver.

Popsi and the lambs-Salt and Pepper. He loves to run around the yard with Oliver.

Popsi was our very first lamb. He was given the name Popsicle because the night he was born it was about 6 degrees. Being new to lambing, we were challenged with keeping him warm and bonded with his mom.  But he survived and thrived and became one of our friendliest sheep, always eager to meet visitors and get as much love as he possible.

While is was sad to see him leave, we are happy to see him bring the joy to them that he brought to us.