We love our sheep and they are very friendly. But they aren’t necessarily friendly by nature. We have to work with them so we can handle them when during their annual worming and vet visits. It takes a lot of time and patience. Luckily we have Georgia to help.

This year we added five sheep to our herd because, well, you can never have enough sheep. It took some time for our existing sheep to adjust to them, but that transition was pretty smooth. Getting the new sheep to trust us was a whole other story. By nature, sheep are fearful of anything that might be a predator; and as humans, we fit that bill. It takes time to get sheep to trust us, but makes it easier when we need handle them.

Georgia is a friend who has been a big help for us with the sheep. She has come recently to sit with the sheep while they get used to being around her. Taming the sheep doesn’t require a lot of activity, rather, she sits in an area where the sheep can see her, and tries to lure them with treats. When they come, she gives them a quick pet. Quick because they still don’t trust her. As you can see from the pictures, she has gained the trust of some, but not others. It takes time, many visits, and lots of patience. We are so happy to have friends like Georgia who help us with this very important farm task.

Georgia taming sheep