If you have been to our farm to pick blueberries, you know that we don’t have a traditional setup. Most blueberry farms have planted their bushes in neat, organized rows. But the bushes on our farm weren’t planted, they sprouted from the ground.

As legend has it, the original owner didn’t plant the bushes, rather, he allowed them to grow where ever they popped up. When a new shoot would sprout, he would carefully mow around the shoot until with a hand mower. Eventually the bushes grew to be over 5 feet tall and produced an abundance of blueberries.

When we first bought the farm, the fields were pretty overgrown, it was hard to tell a blueberry bush from an invasive plant. It was suggested that we dig up all the bushes and start over. But we could see the beauty of the field and have always like restoring things to their original beauty.

Maintaining the fields takes a lot of work, but we think it’s worth it. The berries are smaller, with more intense flavor and picking is a totally new experience. The only way to find out is to see for yourself. We love our blueberry garden and hope you will join us for our 2019 season.