This is the 4th year we have had baby lambs and the most challenging so far. The weather was cooperative, not to cold or rainy, but we had a couple of new moms which always pose a challenge. The end result was 10 of the cutest baby lambs I’ve ever seen (of course I say that every year).

Our last set of lambs was the greatest challenge. The weather had been warm, until one night where it dropped below freezing. Ginger and Joie her twin sister were a couple days old and doing well. But somehow Ginger got separated from her mom and when I went into check on her in the morning, she was lethargic and droopy. She was cold and too weak to nurse so I had to step in.

Luckily we had milk replacement on hand so I started to bottle feed. I also put a little jacket on her and put her under  a heat lamp to bring her temp up. I didn’t want her to lose the bond she had with her mother, so I left her in the barn, checking on her every two hours. She even got a trip to the vet and earned the title “cutest pet of the day”.

All is good now and she is healthy and bouncing with the rest of the lambs. I’m still keeping a close eye on her, but she has come around full circle.