Blueberry season is coming and July will be here before we know it. We wanted to update you with some news about this season, especially with respect to U-pick.

The good news is that we will have U-pick this year and in warmer areas of the country U-pick has been a very welcome activity for people wanting to get out for some family fun. However, we will need to rethink how it is done with the recommended COVID19 restrictions.

I have attended a ZOOM class presented by the UNH Cooperative Extension and they have made recommendations for the best way to handle U-pick for the upcoming season. Most of the recommendations, such as wearing masks, limiting contact and social distancing, are common for most places of business. But with U-pick, it can be hard to manage social distancing.

We are working on the logistics to ensure that we can open our farm to as many people as possible this season. Because our farm does not have the traditional row setup, we are considering assigning specific blueberry bushes to families as they arrive. We are also considering scheduling hourly appointments for those who prefer to have limited to no contact with others.

Our next newsletter will have the specifics. We will also keep you updated on Facebook, so be sure to like our Facebook page if you have not already.

We look forward to seeing you this coming season.