So many people have asked why we decided to take on farming, especially since we are both in our sixties Well it’s a good question. One we’ve asked ourselves many times since July 1, 2017, the day we moved here to be full time farmers. Not sure there is one reason as several factors came into play:

  • We needed something to keep us busy in retirement.
  • We love working outdoors with plants and animals.
  • We wanted to be near family – my uncle and cousin have a farm in New Hampton, New Hampshire.

So there you have it. Seems like s no-brainer. We found a great farm in Sanbornton, New Hampshire, complete with outbuildings, fencing, water everything you need to farm. Except the experience. We have enough retirement savings that we can feed ourselves and manage the day to day bills. But we’d really like to make this a working farm, one that actually makes some money.

That is our goal. Welcome to our journey. Enjoy the ride as much as we do.